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Canadian Fitness Industry Leadership Award 2019

This year marks the sixth annual Canadian Fitness Industry Leadership Award. On March 14th, 2019, this award was presented to a Fitness Industry Council of Canada member who has, throughout the years, proven to be an industry leader. This individual is passionate about the wellbeing and promotion of the fitness industry and has contributed significantly in its growth.

Fitness Industry Council of Canada is proud to announce Maureen “Mo” Hagan as the 2019 recipient.

Maureen “Mo” Hagan has made a significant impact on the fitness industry, as an award-winning, innovative and passionate fitness expert and as a savvy business person.

Mo has always been physically active. As a child, she gravitated to individual activities like running, climbing, hiking, swimming. At age 13, she coached her first gymnastics class and learned about the potential and rewards of teaching physical activity to others.

While studying physical education and physiotherapy at University of Western Ontario in the 1980s, Mo worked as a fitness instructor at #1 Nautilus, which later became the third GoodLife Fitness club in Canada. Inspired by the emerging aerobic dance exercise craze, Mo developed her own routines inspired by 20-minute workout, Jane Fonda and Kathy Smith videos. Not only did she teach aerobics classes, but she stayed late to train others to become fitness instructors.

Mo’s dedication was quickly realized by GoodLife Fitness founder and CEO David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans as he hired her as director of group fitness for his growing chain of fitness clubs. She has worked hard for more than 35 years to make GoodLife Fitness the premiere destination for group fitness programming in Canada.

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Taymax Group Holdings Appoints Brian Boucher

as Chief Operating Officer

Taymax Group Holdings, LLC (“Taymax” or the “Company”), one of the largest Planet Fitness franchisees with more than 60 fitness clubs across North America, today announced the appointment of Brian Boucher as Chief Operating Officer and a member of the Company’s executive leadership team. Working closely with CEO Tim Kelleher, Mr. Boucher will drive improvements to ensure continued operational excellence and support Taymax’s expansion within and beyond its current markets of San Antonio, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Toronto and Ottawa.

“Brian’s exceptional background leading operations teams during periods of growth will be a huge asset as we continue scaling our business organically and through M&A,” said CEO Tim Kelleher. “We’ve found in him a partner who shares our enthusiasm for growing our leadership position in the Planet Fitness system and are excited for his many positive contributions to come.”

Mr. Boucher brings more than 20 years of retail and operations experience to Taymax. He most recently served as Head of Stores, North America and Global Retail Operations at Under Armour, Inc., where he oversaw the operations of more than 180 stores in North America, while also supporting new store growth and performance improvements across the retail business globally. Prior to his tenure at Under Armour, Mr. Boucher led expansion efforts and operations teams at organizations including Target Corporation and Lowe’s Companies. Brian also spent time at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as the SVP of New Market Development, where he led the expansion of fundraising efforts in new markets across the US. He received his B.A. in Criminology from the University of Southern Maine.

“I’m proud to be joining this impressive organization, which has established itself as one of the premier franchisees in the Planet Fitness system,” said Mr. Boucher. “I look forward to working with Tim and the rest of the Taymax team at this critical period in the company’s development.”

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    Training & Development

5 Do’s and Don’ts of Staff Training

by Alanna Turco, 360 Impact Group

Congratulations, you’ve hired a new team member! But did you know that one in four employees quit in their first year due to poor training or a lack of training? Imagine the time, cost and impact on morale that this continuous employee turnover causes. Here is a list of actions that every manager should always do and never do during the training process.

1. Do…create a detailed training schedule. This should be created prior to your employee’s start date. Break the schedule down by day, time, topic and person responsible for delivering the training. For example: Monday 9:00–9:30 is tour/introductions with Susan; 9:30–10:30 is shadow at front desk; and so on. A detailed schedule ensures that all key areas are covered. It also lets you and the organization make a great first impression and helps employees feel more secure in their new job. The overall length of the training will depend on the complexity of the position.

2. Do…break training into chunks. Learning a new job can be overwhelming, and studies show that chunking down training (rather than providing an “information dump”) makes information easier to commit to memory. For example, with a receptionist you might start with the phone greeting rather than starting with everything about handling phone calls and emails.

3. Do…leverage your team’s strengths. Involve your team in training the new employee. Select employees who excel in specific skills. This approach lets the new employee learn from the best and also provides great development and team building opportunities for current employees.

4. Do…incorporate practise into all training. When an employee is brand new, it’s best to have them practise on you and fellow staff members rather than with members. Build role playing and practise scenarios into your training schedule. These will increase the new employees’ confidence and ensure that they are delivering the required level of service and experience.

5. Do…assign a mentor. You can tell new employees 100 times that you have an open door policy and that you are always available to help. But the reality is that most of them won’t feel comfortable coming to you. A designated buddy who they can turn to (in addition to you) can be a great resource.

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    Supplier News  

pic5LIV North Expands to become a Leading Provider of Amenities Management, Fitness Equipment, & Aquatics Supplies and Service in Canada

Dedicated to offering the highest level of health and wellness solutions, exceptional customer support and reliable service, LIV North is quickly becoming a leading provider in the Canadian marketplace with extensive experience and cutting edge technology.

The genesis of LIV North started over 45 years ago with the founding of Superior Pool, Spa & Leisure Ltd.

The LIV North group now includes:
Superior Pool, Spa & Leisure Ltd.:
National Fitness Products of Canada:
Health Systems Group:
Apple Fitness Stores LTD.:
“Our brands are best in class and our commitment to our customers is of the highest standard,” says LIV North CEO Craig Aris. “Our 360 degree approach, coupled with our investment in cutting edge technology, has positioned us as the clear industry leader when it comes to full service solutions.”

The LIV North Journey:
In 2017, a strategy was developed to create a full-service organization that spanned the country; a single source solution designed to change the game in fitness and recreation services. And with that, the LIV North group was born.

To start, LIV North developed a first-of-its-kind cloud-based operating system that has been designed to provide exceptional service and operational efficiencies. It has allowed Superior Pool, Spa & Leisure Ltd, for example, to reduce case resolutions from 5 days to just under 24 hours in less than a year. It has also led to exceptional customer service scores.

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pic5Record Numbers for Technogym's Social Campaign 'Let's Move for a Better World' 2019

Technogym has announced the results of its ‘Let’s Move for a Better World’ campaign - a worldwide social initiative to raise awareness in the fight against obesity and sedentariness, that ran its sixth edition from March 11-30, 2019.

‘Let’s Move for a Better World’ is the biggest social campaign in the fitness and wellness industry that embodies Technogym’s mission to improve wellness on a global scale. Thanks to Technogym’s ecosystem and Mywellness, gym members in fitness facilities around the world joined forces to donate their movement and promote wellness and healthy lifestyles in their local community and beyond. The more active the users were, the bigger the donation to the communities. Participants’ MOVEs – Technogym’s unit for measuring movement – were logged through Technogym’s Mywellness cloud - the first open platform in the industry, connecting people and fitness facilities all over the world.

Thanks to the Technogym Ecosystem, a unique solution that includes connected equipment and Mywellness cloud - users can enjoy a fully personalized wellness experience, and facilities can create challenges amongst their members or with other clubs.

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pic1 Getting Active after Cancer Treatment

by Patricia Clark

Surgery, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy can leave one feeling worn out. Once done with treatments, an individual can think about being physically active. Getting more active will help them feel less tired. It is also a safe and fun way to improve their health and well-being. Being active helps all older healthy adults lead healthier lives, including older adult cancer survivors. Being active lets them meet and make friends and create a healthy social routine. They should talk to their health care team first and then get started today! As a fitness professional, encourage cancer survivors to meet with one of your qualified staff members and get them moving again.

Why should cancer survivors be active?

Physical activity can help them:
• feel less tired
• recover faster
• have more energy
• have better posture and balance
• manage their weight
• develop stronger muscles and bones
• relax and reduce stress
• improve their heart health

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pic1 Closing Your Business the Right Way

by Lauren Walker

You’ve done your best and it didn’t work out. As the owner of business, you didn’t set out to fail. The success is encouraging people to get healthy. You have the best intentions and through no fault of your own, have to shut your business down. This was the case with my mom many years ago. She ran a very successful gym in our home town. Due to changing life circumstances had to close down her gym. So many facilities do it wrong. It’s important for you to leave on a positive note.

Your members are the life blood that help support and sustain your business. The first priority is making sure they are looked after.

1) Give sufficient notice: “I gave my clients six months notice.” My mom told me. She made a point of letting her members know the exact date she was closing. Give your clients the benefit of time. Let them know what’s going on so they have time to look for another facility.

2) Reach out to Other Gyms: In our current facility in Port Perry, we had a gym reach out to us ten years ago. The owner contacted us in regards to finding his members a place to go. At the time we offered a short term membership for no charge. While it’s not our obligation to do so, it seemed the right thing to do.

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    Association News
New IHRSA Report Details Compensation Data for 50 Job Titles


In March, IHRSA released The 2019 IHRSA Health Club Employee Compensation & Benefits Report, a detailed analysis of compensation and benefits practices for the health club industry. Salary and compensation results provided in the report are based on data from 150 North American facilities.

“Payroll is one of the largest expenses among health clubs, as hiring and investing in staff plays a critical role in serving and retaining members and clients,” said Jay Ablondi, IHRSA’s executive vice president of global products. “IHRSA has regularly conducted employee compensation research for nearly 20 years to help club operators analyze and gauge their compensation practices against other club businesses.”

The new report provides compensation data for approximately 50 job titles, including base salary and total compensation for club and executive-level staff as well as hourly pay and commissions data for club-level employees. Data on medical insurance, retirement plans, leave days, and other benefits are also analyzed in the report.

Key findings:
• 93% of participating clubs provide medical insurance to salaried employees;
• Clubs reported an average health insurance premium increase of 6.2% from 2017 to 2018;
• More than 75% of clubs offer a retirement plan;
• Nearly 80% of clubs match employee contributions to retirement plans; and
• Clubs provide an average of nine paid leave days to salaried employees with less than one year on the job.

“Along with the in-depth report data across various levels of the organization, club operators can refer to infographic snapshots for a quick overview of pay for CEO, general manager, personal trainer, and nutrition coach job titles,” said Melissa Rodriguez, IHRSA’s senior research manager. “New to this year’s report is an analysis of common recruiting and retention measures among participating health clubs.”

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National Health & Fitness Day App


By Trisha Sarker, Fitness Industry Canada


In support of the National Health and Fitness Day on June 1st, 2019, we will be producing a custom version of our ExerGuide app to help engage Canadians with the workouts being done at Major’s Hill Park and as a way to distribute day passes to participating facilities.

The free app will contain branded exercises and workouts by different fitness partners that users can browse and make lists of their favourites. When the users sign up to the app, they will unlock more fitness content and be emailed their free day pass for NHFD.

How It Works
The Trainer Plus ExerGuide app is an engagement and lead generation tool for fitness brands to provide content for users to discover, favourite and request support from a trainer. You can see a video of how it works here.

The app includes:
● Exercise list that users can search through and favourite exercises
● Exercise details including video, picture, exercise instructions and equipment needed
● Workout list where users can search and view workouts. Users will be able to search by contributor to find specific workout content.
● Favourite list where users can request a program with the fitness content they have added to the list
● A Freemium sign up/in that allows some content for free and all content behind an invite/payment wall

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whatsnewThe new Cascade Air Bike Unlimited Mag offers eight levels of magnetic resistance combined with unlimited air resistance. Users set their desired magnetic resistance level via the dial knob and then control the intensity as they pedal, push and pull to meet their fitness objectives. It comes standard with a water bottle holder and is designed with multi-grip handlebars and pedals with cages. For more information, call (855) 402-4062 or visit


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