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    IHRSA 2019


Canadian Forum and Canadian VIP Reception

Sponsored by Fitness Industry Canada

Canadian Forum

March 14, 2019
San Diego Convention Center - Room 30 C,San Diego, California

The panel will feature industry leaders and experts from across Canada. The forum will focus on legislative matters affecting the Canadian market and the potential impact of emerging issues in relation to your business.

Presenters include:
- David Patchell-Evans, Founder & CEO, Goodlife Fitness– Success of Giving Back: the value of corporate social responsibility

- Chris Smith, CEO & President, Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club– Real Estate and Club Design

- Nathalie Lacombe, Fitness Industry Consultant and Coach– Mastering the Employee Lifecycle

- Katherine MacKeigan, Executive Director, Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association– Registered Fitness Professionals

- Maureen Hagan, President of Program Innovation, GoodLife Fitness & canfitpro– Trends in Fitness Programming

- Scott Wildeman, President, FIC/Senior VP of Fitness and Operations, International Fitness Holdings– Prescription to Get Active

Canadian VIP Reception/Fitness Industry Leadership Award Ceremony

March 14, 2019
OMNI Hotel - Salon A, San Diego, California

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to discuss Canadian fitness issues with industry experts from across the country and help decide the future role and mandate of FIC.

This year marks the sixth annual Canadian Fitness Industry Leadership Award ceremony. This award is presented at the VIP Reception to a FIC member who has, throughout the years, proven to be an industry leader. This individual is passionate about the wellbeing and promotion of the fitness industry and has contributed significantly in its growth. Please join us for cocktails and refreshments to celebrate this year’s award recipient!








    Q & A

What policies, services and/or approaches  do you have at your facility that ensure your members feel like VIPs?


Garth Sinclair
Membership Director
The Adelaide Club

Adelaide Club was established in 1978. In November 2018 we proudly celebrated our 40th birthday. Ever since our doors opened four decades ago, Member satisfaction has been the cornerstone of our existence. We have always considered the Club as not only a leader in the fitness industry but also a key player in the hospitality business, henceforth making our members feel like VIPs at every opportunity.

Members and guests are greeted upon arrival to the Club with a warm welcome by our front desk team, - most times by name, and anyone seated in our mezzanine is offered a refreshment while they wait to be taken care of.  Our members are VIPs. We acknowledge their birthdays and celebrate membership milestones. Personal achievements, e.g. participation in triathlons, marathons and other athletic events are also recognized. Our Club Members are given the opportunity to shape the direction of the Adelaide Club by way of focus groups and surveys, which empowers them to share their ideas and invaluable feedback... they love that!


Josh Allen
Nova Health Club

At Nova Health Club, we offer a premium service that costs more than many of our competitors’ comparable services.

The very essence of this service makes members feel like VIPs because we 100 percent customize every communication, engagement and program to the individual member. For example, framing a message to one member will be different from another member based on their personality.  We use colour theories to better understand our members, which gives us insights into what motivates them relative to other members.


Ivo Grossi
CEO of the
Americas for SportsArt

At SportsArt, we noticed a gap in sustainability in gyms and recreational facilities. Because of this, we created an entire line of fitness equipment that not only reduces energy consumption, but actually produces it. Our ECO-POWR line does this by taking human energy created during a workout and turning it into utility grade electricity–up to 200 watts per hour per machine.

We are seeing more and more facility managers seek our products to either break into the sustainability movement or to enhance their already existing green initiatives. Many people today, especially millennial gym-goers, take the time to find a gym that utilizes these types of sustainable practices since problems such as global warming are so prevalent in today’s world.

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pic5Nasser Obeid Named President of Johnson Health Tech Canada

Johnson Health Tech (JHT) named Mr. Nasser Obeid President of JHT- Canada (JHT-CA). A seasoned industry veteran and Canadian citizen with 17 years of experience in fitness sales, marketing, and management, Obeid will oversee all operations of the Montreal-based JHT-CA, including sales, service and operations of both the home-use and commercial businesses.

Prior to his Canadian appointment, Obeid served as the Managing Director for JHT’s UAE subsidiary – a division he opened in 2015 and quickly grew to be among the industry leaders in both commercial and home-use brands. He brought almost 14 years of industry experience to that post, including six years as a Division Manager and more than seven years as the Commercial Manager for Deltatrade AKI, the Life Fitness, SportsArt and PaviGym distributor representing the Middle East region. Obeid holds a degree in Kinesiology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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pic5Intenza Announces First Global Brand Ambassador

Intenza’s new TomorrowToday campaign launches March 2019.  The multi—media campaign will be brought to life through a series of marketing initiatives and Kuhn will participate via social media and brand awareness events.

“Jill is the epitome of a barrier—breaking athlete” said Intenza Fitness CEO Mark Chang “our pursuit of product innovation is a perfect fit with Jill’s Ironman push your limits philosophy.” Commenting on her new role, Kuhn known for her love of all things triathlon added: “it’s such an honor to be working with an innovative company that shares my ideas on fitness and health, puts so much value on the individual, and is also committed to preserving and giving back to the environment at the same time.”

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pic5PLAE Celebrates 10 Years of Helping Everyone Achieve Their Best Selves

Brett Waits founded PLAE in February 2009, and while PLAE makes athletic and fitness flooring, it ultimately drives performance through its unique business model.

“We saw an opportunity as training was becoming increasingly functional and ground-based,” said Waits, president of PLAE. “So we talked to coaches, observed athletes and programs, and designed products based on what they wanted and needed – aiming to engineer more dynamic, advanced surfaces.” Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, PLAE today has more than 50 employees in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, has experienced double-digit growth every year, and completed more than 1500 projects in 19 countries in 2018 alone. PLAE currently is developing a four-building headquarters on 2.5 acres in Woodstock, Ga. to house multiple divisions and increasing staff.

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pic5Oxygen Yoga and Fitness announces an investment by David Patchell-Evans

Oxygen Yoga and Fitness announces an investment by David “Patch” Patchell-Evans, founder of GoodLife Fitness. This investment will support the growth of the boutique studio franchise chain, which offers yoga-fused fitness at 49 locations across Canada.

“Patch is a true leader in the fitness and health industry, both in Canada and around the world,” said Jen Hamilton, CEO of Oxygen Yoga and Fitness. “Oxygen has seen tremendous success over the past several years and we’re eager to continue on this journey. Patch’s recognition of our value proposition and his support as we continue to grow are invaluable – and will help Oxygen continue to reach more Canadians and explore expansion options globally.” Oxygen’s philosophy is based on a foundation of helping people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, using yoga as a starting point.

“I’ve been very impressed by what Oxygen is doing and the success they’ve seen in just a few years,” said David “Patch” Patchell-Evans. “I’m proud to be part of their future success and to continue to help people across Canada achieve their fitness and health goals. I’m a true believer in the importance of fitness in all of our lives and committed to providing more diverse options to everyone.”


pic1 Active Living and Healthy Eating As We Age – A Winning Combination

by Patricia Clark

Sometimes people assume that falls and injuries, cancer, and chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are a natural part of growing older. But research tells us that these conditions might occur because we are not active enough or are not eating a healthy diet. If we choose to be active and eat a healthy diet, in combination, we can slow down the progress of diabetes, heart diseases and some cancers. They also help to prevent falls and injuries.

As we get older, we need fewer calories, but our need for nutrients remains the same and even increases in some cases. This makes meal planning important.

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults 65 Years and Older recommends that older adults:

• take part in endurance (aerobic) activities, such as brisk walking and cycling at least 150 minutes per week, in sessions of 10 minutes or more

• do activities that improve strength at least two days per week

• do exercises or activities that enhance balance and flexibility.

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pic1 Put a little “Spring” in Your Step!

by Lauren Walker

We’ve spent so much time shoveling driveways and walkways this winter! Getting over the winter blahs is tough but warm weather and sunshine is on the way. I’m certainly welcoming that with open arms. What is it about the better weather that puts us in a better mood? It makes us feel happier and more energetic. If you’re over the winter blues and in the mood to get more active, let’s put a “spring” in our step.

Try Something New
Let’s face it, after a rough winter it’s hard getting motivated. Let’s keep our enthusiasm going by trying something new! We’ve been stuck indoors all winter and need a change of scenery. This isn’t a bad thing. Learning a new activity or participating in group sport is good for the body and mind. Whether it’s yoga, kickboxing, tai chi or volleyball, a group sport is great for social reasons. Our small town has a local walking group that gets together three days a week.

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    Association News
IHRSA 2019 Preview


These four remarkable days might just transform your club … and your life!

“Surround yourself with greatness.” “Supercharge your growth.”

Ambitious, intelligent, and talented businesspeople instinctively seize on such maxims, and constantly seek out opportunities to pursue the grand goals that they pose. For those in the health and fitness club industry, there’s no better place to do so than at IHRSA’s annual convention and trade show.

This year’s event, IHRSA’s 38th Annual International Convention; Trade Show, taking place next month, March 13-16, in San Diego, California, is so rich with possibilities that it seemed to demand two—rather than a single—theme. Therefore: “Surround yourself with greatness,” and “Supercharge your growth.”

A “fitness ecosystem”

The city, the venue, the presenters, the educational sessions, the numerous social events, the endless networking, the trade show treasures, the energetic buying and selling, the doing of deals—everything about IHRSA 2019 is designed to entice, inform, inspire, and improve … the world’s clubs and the people responsible for them.

Some 13,000 industry professionals, followers, and fans—club owners, operators, fitness practitioners, investors, researchers, and members of the media—are expected to converge on San Diego to take part. The setting seems to have been designed for the occasion.

“This city has it all,” attests Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA. “Great weather, proximity to the Pacific Ocean, a long list of unforgettable, family-friendly attractions, and a wealth of fine restaurants that will satisfy nearly any palette. … But, most importantly,” Moore is quick to add, “it’s a healthy environment—one that encourages and promotes an active and productive lifestyle.”

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