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IHRSA 2019 Preview

These four remarkable days might just transform your club … and your life!

“Surround yourself with greatness.” “Supercharge your growth.”

Ambitious, intelligent, and talented businesspeople instinctively seize on such maxims, and constantly seek out opportunities to pursue the grand goals that they pose. For those in the health and fitness club industry, there’s no better place to do so than at IHRSA’s annual convention and trade show.

This year’s event, IHRSA’s 38th Annual International Convention; Trade Show, taking place next month, March 13-16, in San Diego, California, is so rich with possibilities that it seemed to demand two—rather than a single—theme. Therefore: “Surround yourself with greatness,” and “Supercharge your growth.”

A “fitness ecosystem”

The city, the venue, the presenters, the educational sessions, the numerous social events, the endless networking, the trade show treasures, the energetic buying and selling, the doing of deals—everything about IHRSA 2019 is designed to entice, inform, inspire, and improve … the world’s clubs and the people responsible for them.

Some 13,000 industry professionals, followers, and fans—club owners, operators, fitness practitioners, investors, researchers, and members of the media—are expected to converge on San Diego to take part. The setting seems to have been designed for the occasion.

“This city has it all,” attests Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA. “Great weather, proximity to the Pacific Ocean, a long list of unforgettable, family-friendly attractions, and a wealth of fine restaurants that will satisfy nearly any palette. … But, most importantly,” Moore is quick to add, “it’s a healthy environment—one that encourages and promotes an active and productive lifestyle.”

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"How has your staff training changed and improved over the years? What aspect of your current staff training do your employees find especially helpful/important?"


Raffi Pirjanianfitness
The Donalda Club

As a private club, we don’t have anywhere near the turnover in membership that many other fitness facilities have, so keeping things fun and fresh for members is a particularly important part of our job.

First of all, of course core services and programs have to be very high quality in all ways and delivered with confidence and passion. When it’s time to introduce something new, we don’t reinvent the wheel, but rather we make small tweaks and changes to our longstanding programs that are already successful.

For example, we introduced light weights and core work at the end of our indoor cycling classes to create Spin Fusion classes, which our members really appreciate and has resulted in increased class sizes. This past summer we incorporated more-challenging aquafit classes into the schedule to capture a slightly younger demographic for that program.


Kevin Frost
Simply Fit

At Simply Fit Canada, our members’ goals are as diversified as our members themselves. Some are true athletes with very specific goals or competitions ahead of them while others are weekend warriors who also have the drive to better themselves and achieve their goals.

One of the methods we use to keep things fresh is not to change the so called core exercise but to change the equipment that we use to perform said exercise. Just as “there are many ways to skin a cat,” there are many ways to, for example, perform a squat. Sometimes we employ kettlebells or dumbbells instead of barbells.

Regarding our more experienced athletes, they realize that their programs are part of their journey to success. Therefore for these select few, their programs don’t change much. There may be times when we might change the trainer due to the nature of or the content of the program.


Tammy Berendsen
group fitness coordinator
Purdy's Wharf Fitness Club
(managed by Health Systems Group)

We believe that strategic change is good and that it is key to member engagement. We have been successful by following three principles that keep our programming fresh and appealing:

1. Culture of change
We constantly tweak our scheduling and programming, but we never lose focus on who we are or who our market is, and we never compromise quality to try something new. Our team works to understand our target market, what our competition is doing and what is new in the industry. We know change is hard for some, so we instill a sense of excitement and purpose to every update to our programs. We regularly incorporate or trial new ideas which keeps our members wondering what’s next!

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pic5Precor and Spivi Announce Partnership to Bring Immersive Training Experiences to Gyms and Indoor Cycling Studios

Precor, , and Spivi Inc, have partnered to provide an immersive workout experience integrated with the Spinner® line of commercial indoor cycling bikes. Spivi technology collects exerciser data such as power, cadence, speed, distance, and heart rate directly from the Spinner® bikes. It then combines that data with user information stored in the cloud, such as age, weight, and performance history. Finally, it generates virtually unlimited visuals, including unique group simulation, leaderboards, videos, and more—all in real-time.

Fitness facilities and Spinning® studios who use Spinner® bikes can now seamlessly integrate the performance tracking features of Spivi into their facilities and offer an immersive workout experience to their members.

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pic5Orangetheory Fitness Achieves Explosive Growth In 2018

Continuing its trend of growth since arriving in Canada in 2012, fitness lifestyle brand Orangetheory Fitness® shows no signs of slowing down. More Canadians are seeking More Life® via the benefits of Orangetheory's unique combination of heart rate-based interval training and real-time fitness tracking. The chain announced today that it will close the year with 84 open studios in Canada (up 24 new studios from 2018), representing a 40 per cent year-over-year growth rate. In Q1 of 2019 alone, Orangetheory will open 12 new studios across the country, with plans to open its first ever location in New Brunswick later this year, putting the fitness phenomenon in nine out of 10 provinces.

In 2019, Orangetheory is launching several new proprietary wearable fitness trackers, a new app and challenge tracker system, as well as state-of-the-art technology, which will not only track participants' heart rates during the workout, but also the distances achieved by running and rowing. "We are no longer JUST a fitness concept; we have evolved into a fitness and technology company," said Hifa Maleki, Orangetheory Fitness Canada's VP of Franchise Development & Operations.

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pic5ABC Financial and Perform Better Announce Strategic Partnership

ABC Financial (ABC), announced their partnership with Perform Better, the leader in functional training equipment and education.

Together the organizations will lead the industry in business management education for the fitness marketplace and the tens of thousands of fitness professionals operating facilities across the U.S., Canada and globally.

"ABC Financial has aimed to provide customer-centric, experience driven innovation to club management software and payment processing for over 38 years," says Kelly Card, Senior Vice President of Partner Relations at ABC Financial. "The partnership between ABC Financial and Perform Better creates a strong environment to expand upon this while providing an education excellence platform for our clients and the entire fitness industry."

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pic5Let’s Move for a Better World 2019: Join the Industry’s No.1 Social Campaign!

Let’s Move for a Better World 2019: Join the Industry’s No.1 Social Campaign!

Technogym - is proud to announce that the ‘Let’s Move for a Better World’ social campaign is open. Let’s Move for a Better World, in its 6th edition, is the biggest social campaign in the industry, leveraging Technogym’s technology and connected equipment to motivate people to join their local fitness club, to move more and more regularly, and to share their results with the Technogym community worldwide.

Let’s Move for a Better World’s mission is to spread awareness of the benefits of regular exercise through a fun and exciting group challenge. From March 11th-30th 2019, members of fitness clubs and hotels all around the world join forces to donate their exercise and promote the Wellness lifestyle in their local towns and communities through a challenge based on MOVES (Technogym’s unit of measurement for movement).

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rule1 rule1

pic1 What successful Membership Sales Advisors Do Differently?

by Paula Comfort

The difference between a good membership sales person and a great one is dramatic. Good reps hit their goals most of the time. Great reps consistently blow away their goals. How is this done? Here are a few tips that make the difference to become great.

1. From the initial contact whether it is on the phone, by email or text, or in person- they are genuinely excited to meet this prospect. This is not just another prospect.

2. Listen. Great reps listen with their eyes and ears. Get to know your potential member. This is the only way you can. Guide the conversation with questions but LISTEN.

3. Know your product and why your brand is unique and a good fit for this person. Customize your thoughts based on their needs and goals.

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pic1 Aerobic Fitness and Older Adults – A Good Mix for a Better Quality of Life

by Patricia Clark

Research tells us that physical activity is good for all older people. Aerobic exercise is especially good. It helps older adults to maintain physical independence, despite the effects of chronic disease. Even people well into their 90s can improve their aerobic fitness. Older adults who are aerobically fit are likely to have a better quality of life and enjoy a longer active life expectancy.

Aerobic fitness is a measure of how well the body can move or work for longer than two minutes. To get aerobically fit, older adults must move the large muscles, such as those in their legs, trunk, and shoulders and need to do this continuously for 10 minutes or more. The total activity should add up to at least 150 minutes (2 ½ hours) per week.

Research clearly shows that this is the minimum amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity needed to stay healthy. Doing more will provide even greater health and fitness. To learn more, download Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults at www.csep.ca/guidelines.

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pic1 Lessons of a Personal Trainer: How to Manage Negativity

by Lauren Walker

Everyone you meet has a story. I’ve learned that not all stories are happy ones. Some clients you meet may have a negative attitude towards themselves or life in general. Having several clients with the same attitude is emotionally draining. As a trainer it’s important to learn how to manage these clients. What’s equally as important is to learn how to overcome negativity in order to be an effective trainer.

Most of the clients I meet are convinced their story is the worst of the worst. They believe that their situation won’t get better. Yet, here they are coming to me for a reason. When they speak to me it’s always, “I used to be so much healthier.” Or “I have so many health problems I don’t know where to start.” Listening to their history is part of the job. It’s not my purpose to chastise them for past mistakes. It’s my job to focus them on the task at hand.

I have learned how to effectively manage negativity so it doesn’t affect my mental health. These common sense tips come from learning the hard way. You must learn how to be an effective trainer without becoming emotionally drained.

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    Featured Article
More Than Pools


Reprinted from Fitness Business Canada magazine November 2016

By Kathryn Korchok

PPL Aquatic, Fitness & Spa Group builds on 46 years of success in the pool business with a growing division dedicated to commercial fitness equipment sales and service

Since 1970, PPL Aquatic, Fitness & Spa Group (www.pplgroup.com), has grown to become an industry leader in commercial pool and recreation facility design, construction, supply, service and staffing with more than 500 contracted commercial accounts (condominiums, hotels, municipal and apartment pools, recreation centres and health clubs) throughout Ontario with a concentration in the greater GTA. Along the way PPL has earned numerous national design and construction awards of excellence.

With headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, PPL employs more than 30 year-round service and installation technicians and seasonal summer student assistants, and over 100 winter and 150 summer lifeguards, recreational staff and group exercise instructors. There are also three fulltime management team members dedicated to fitness equipment sales.

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whatsnewThe new Gateway Device can clip onto any deployed Heartsine AED or can be purchased with new Heartsine AEDs. Wireless connectivity allows remote monitoring of single or multiple located AEDs. It provides daily checks and notifies the program manager of any problems and it provides 90-, 60- and 30-day reminders for upcoming expired Pad Paks (battery and pads). The software can track all equipment in facilities, including fire extinguishers, other model AEDs and all training. For more information, visit www.rescue7.net.

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