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Prescription to Get Active
Update August 2018

by Perry Tucciarone

'Please help us make physical activity an extension of the healthcare system by supporting the expansion of this program in Ontario. Every donation helps us grow the program to more communities and set up the system needed for all Canadians to have access to fitness and physical activity as a form of preventative healthcare. https://www.gofundme.com/prescription-to-get-active

Prescription to Get Active (RxTGA) has been rapidly growing and our data for 2017 shows the tremendous strides we have made in Alberta. While prospering in Alberta, we have also soft launched in 4 communities in Ontario.

Our growth is due to the increasing support we have received from Healthcare providers, Fitness professionals, Sponsors, along with the impact our exercise prescriptions have had to empower our patients to start a physical activity program to improve their health and quality of life.

What’s New:

- The program was launched in Alberta in 2011 and by 2015 became a national not for profit corporation. The program is now prescribed by 92% of doctors in the province. In 2017, 13,278 prescriptions were written, and 3,457 were redeemed through the website or at fitness facilities (26%), with 43% of facility visitors purchasing additional passes after the free trial ended.

Ontario Rollout:
- The next phase of the Ontario rollout is establishing the first 10 communities in Ontario by Spring 2019, The basic infrastructure, website and people are in place, and we have soft launched in 4 communities already (Markham, Forest Hill, London, Stouffville). This has taught us what resources will be required to expand the program effectively and make best use of our sponsorship dollars.

First Ontario Project Manager:
- We are happy to announce Lori Longwell has accepted the position of the first Project Manager for Prescription to Get Active in Ontario. Lori is the VP of Sales for Mill Pond Publishing Inc. and her wealth of experience will be a tremendous asset to help expediate the growth of RxTGA in Ontario.

- The project manager will coordinate reaching out and introducing the program to healthcare and fitness providers, the onboarding and training of new healthcare and fitness providers, facilitate the tracking of prescriptions and outcomes, and coordinate all print and online marketing.

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"What is One Program that your Members Would Insist on Keeping?"


Darrik Smith
program supervisor – Adult Fitness, Wellness & Inclusion Services
Canada Games Complex, Thunder Bay, ON

We have a number of popular programs and instructors at our facility, but if one program were to be selected I believe our members would insist on keeping our Strong Seniors classes. This is a variety exercise class taught by a brilliant instructor who has an incredible rapport with the participants.

The class is offered three days per week and has an average attendance of at least 30 participants, which is fantastic for a community the size of Thunder Bay. Strong Seniors is aimed at older participants who want to continue being active while increasing their fitness level.


Catriona Smith
Assistant Manager of Recreation Programs
Courtenay Recreation—Lewis Centre

That’s a tough choice to make, and it really depends on the demographic we are looking at. We are fortunate to have great instructors for all of our programs, and each type of class we offer has a strong following. Whether it’s a yoga, HIIT, Zumba or bootcamp-style class, our participants would insist we keep them all! However, we do have a high demand and requests for more TRX-based classes on top of what we currently offer. I think a few reasons for this high level of interest and demand for these classes is because the TRX equipment is so versatile and can be adapted and incorporated into programs for any age, ability or fitness level.


Kevin Attewell
Victoria Athletic Club

If it came to pass that we had to reduce our offerings, I know the one program that our members would insist on keeping is our yoga program. While this may not seem like a big revelation, there is an aspect of it that I find rather surprising.

We have an older demographic here at the Victoria Athletic Club. Many of our members are retirement age or older, so not your typical yoga participants! However, these folks, both women and men, have really embraced our yoga program. So much so that they often ask me if we can add more classes.


To see the full answers from each participant, select 'continue reading'

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Supplier Snapshot - 2XL: Wipe Out Fear of Germs


By Kathryn Korchok

Who: 2XL Corporation is a privately-held company that was founded and is currently owned and operated by a husband and wife team, the creators of the first GymWipes and CareWipes products. Because they were determined to be excellent at what they were doing, they named the company with a play on the words “to excel.”

What: 2XL is a leading manufacturer of cleaning, maintenance and wellness products for fitness, spa, healthcare, food service (including restaurants, grocery and retail stores), education, military, garages, manufacturing, janitorial services, concerts, workplaces, the hospitality industry (every Hilton worldwide carried 2XL products) and consumer environments. 2XL makes and distributes antibacterial and sanitizing wipes and related products, such as stands, dispensers and foams. It prides itself on manufacturing its products in the U.S.A.

When: The company was founded in 1997 and has since grown to more than 20 employees. The original product was an 80-count container called “Quikee GymWipes,” which sold for $35 at small trade shows. The company grew through word of mouth, visits to fitness centres, small-scale advertising and direct mailing. A year later, a large container of GymWipes/CareWipes with 600 wet wipes was developed as a fitness industry first and was introduced at a large trade show in Florida. Today, with more than 25 main products, the company is a multi-million dollar operation with global sales and distribution.

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pic5Crunch Fitness - Fit For Canadian Expansion

Crunch Fitness, the health club brand best known for exercise meeting entertainment through proprietary group fitness programming as well as cutting-edge training, is looking to expand its footprint in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec and the Maritimes by the end of 2018.

Since arriving in Canada last year, Crunch has over 20 corporate locations currently operating in Ontario with five more opening by the end of this year in Brantford, Oakville, Waterdown, Welland and Whitby.

Additionally, Crunch Canada is rapidly growing its full-sized fitness business with over 20 franchises sold to-date and locations now open in Stratford, Ontario, as well as four new ones expanding in Edmonton, Alberta, growing the brand base even more throughout the country.

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pic5The Fitness Industry Technology Council Welcomes John Ford, to the Board of Directors

John Ford, has served as CEO of Netpulse, the leading provider of customized mobile club apps, and recently named CEO of eGym North America.  Ford will be supporting the FIT-C mission of promoting the adoption of technology as a key to advancing and growing the health club and fitness industry.

Ford began working in fitness technology at age 25 with the founding of Virtual Active, a virtual reality running, hiking and cycling experience in use in thousands of health clubs globally today. After the sale of Virtual Active to Netpulse, Ford joined them on their mission to bring cardio entertainment technology to connected treadmills everywhere.  As the product leader at Netpulse, John lead the pivot of the company to its current form as the industry leading supplier of health club mobile apps.  John is now excited to be responsible for delivering on eGym's promise of using technology to "make the gym work for everyone" in the North American markets.

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pic5Trilantic North America Acquires Majority Stake in Taymax Group Holdings, LLC

Trilantic North America, a leading private equity firm, recently announced that it has acquired a majority interest in Taymax Group Holdings, LLC (“Taymax” or the “Company”), one of the largest Planet Fitness franchisees with more than 50 club locations across the United States and Canada. Trilantic North America invested in partnership with Taymax’s co-founders, including CEO Tim Kelleher, and other key members of management.

Taymax was founded in 2009 with the acquisition of one club in the San Antonio market. Since then, the Company has grown organically to 52 clubs across the greater San Antonio, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Toronto and Ottawa markets. Taymax has been recognized as the Planet Fitness system Developer of the Year in two of the last three years and Franchisee of the Year in 2018.

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pic1 Exercise for Your Heart’s Sake; It’s Never Too Late

by Patricia Clark

Heart disease is the number one killer of older men and women. That fact is unlikely to change in the near future because the population of older people is growing faster than any other age group. And among older people, heart disease is more common than any other disability except arthritis. People used to think that only men got heart disease, but in fact it’s the number one cause of death among older women. The only difference is that women develop the disease about ten years later than men do.

Older adults can do many things right now and every day to avoid heart disease. It’s never too late! Heart disease is a ‘lifestyle disease’. How they choose to live affects their heart health. If they choose to eat a lot of junk food, use tobacco, and spend the day sitting, their heart will be under great stress. Eventually, this unhealthy behavior will cause some part of their heart to break down.

The habit of being physically active over many years can help protect against heart disease, but it’s never too late for anyone to start to be active, regardless of their age. Studies show that older men and women who exercise, live longer and do not develop heart disease as often as people who do not exercise. In most of these studies, people were asked to walk at least 30 minutes, five times a week. Walking is considered moderate exercise. The simple rule for older adults to benefit from this activity is that their heart has to beat a little faster and make them breathe a little harder. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise on most days of the week is quite easy to manage, even for people who are not in the habit of being active.

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pic1 Who wants to be a General Manager? Do you have what it takes?

by Paula Comfort

In this series of articles, the goal is to inform, inspire and teach what it takes to become and be successful in many club industry roles. Let’s begin with one of the most important and highly sought after roles in the industry.

Job Title: General Manager
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Assist in the development of budgets, meet monthly financial goals and metrics
• Analyze reports and financials for variances and take action to improve
• Recruit, train and manage all direct reports (department heads)
• Hold regular team meetings
• Manage all aspects of revenue management (membership Sales and PT)
• Accountable to lead all marketing and prospecting efforts for effective lead generation
• Ensure all standard operating procedures are met
• Meet with all department heads 1:1 weekly
• Deliver and lead exceptional service for club members
• Respond to feedback in timely manner and be visible in club
• Manage overall member retention
• Manage all software, reports and payroll processes
• Oversee all day to day operations including cleanliness
• Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Knowledge of statistical info gathering and analysis. Supervisory and leadership skills.

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pic1 Lessons from a Personal Trainer

by Lauren Walker

A good personal trainer is hard to find. I've seen many resume's dropped on my desk. What's the difference between a good trainer and bad one? You can have all the education in the whole wide world and know how to use it. If you don't really and genuinely care about the people you are working with, then you won't succeed. I want you to succeed. As a trainer you are not just there to spend an hour with someone and leave. Most people who come to you need help. They want someone who is invested in their future. The most valuable information I’ve learned doesn’t come from a book.

Here are my top three lessons I’ve learned as a trainer:
1) Be Adaptable: Branching out and working with varied age groups gives you more hands on experience. Not every person you meet is the same. I’ve been told that I can relate to a lot of different people. Be adaptable to different personalities. It’s a skill you develop through practice working with all kinds.

2) Be Creative: Thinking on your feet is one skill I use everyday. I may have a laid out plan with a client, but that doesn’t always work. I don’t have the luxury of consulting a book for answers. You need to be able to come up with a new idea on the spot.

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knifeFor Sale:
Established Health and Wellness Business - Kimberley, BC

Tanglefoot Training Centre is proud to be celebrating its thirteenth year as Kimberley’s premier, full service fitness and wellness facility. Conveniently located in the Rotary Recreation Area and housed in what was previously a church, Tanglefoot has a unique and welcoming atmosphere with four separate training areas including cardio and weight training studios, a large open main studio and a smaller loft studio to accommodate individual and group exercise.

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