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IHRSA’s 37th Annual International Convention and Tradeshow

As a member of the Canadian fitness industry, we invite you to attend the 37th annual IHRSA International Convention and Trade Show from March 21 to 24, 2018. This international fitness convention showcases countries from across the world, and we want you to join us in representing Canada!

This year’s events will be comprised of over 100 educational sessions which will provide you with essential information and tools to assist in ensuring your club’s success. With such an abundance of networking opportunities, you will be able to establish connections with club operators world-wide. For more information on the trade show and convention, please visit IHRSA’s website at www.ihrsa.org.

Fitness Industry Council of Canada’s Events at the IHRSA Convention and Trade Show
on Thursday, March 22, 2018:

CANADIAN FORUM: The State of the Industry
3:30pm-4:30pm, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California
The panel will feature industry leaders from across Canada. The forum will focus on legislative matters affecting the Canadian market and the potential impact of emerging issues in relation to your business. A few highlighting topics this year include (1) the impact of music licensing on club tariff fees, (2) the rapidly changing landscape of the fitness industry, and (3) the connection the fitness industry has with the Prescription to Get Active program. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to network and discuss important issues with industry experts and help decide the future role and mandate of Fitness Industry Council of Canada.

6:00pm-7:00pm, Location TBA, San Diego, California
This year marks the fifth annual Canadian Fitness Industry Leadership Award. This award is presented at the VIP Reception to a FIC member who has, throughout the years, proven to be an industry leader. This individual is passionate about the wellbeing and promotion of the fitness industry and has contributed significantly in its growth. Please join us for cocktails and refreshments to celebrate this year’s award recipient!

    Association News


Understanding Fitness Training Customers

by Kristen Walsh

A new IHRSA report aims to help health club owners and operators to better understand personal and small group training clients. The IHRSA Fitness Training Report was published in February and is generously sponsored by Power Systems.

Personal and small-group training form a significant share of non-dues revenue for health clubs. According to IHRSA’s Profiles of Success, personal training is the number one profit center among leading health clubs, while small-group training is a close second among top fitness-only centers.

“With the growing popularity of personal and small group training, with this report IHRSA aims to provide a deeper understanding of the consumer demographics and usage trends of fitness training services in order help club operators attract and engage more customers,” says Jay Ablondi, IHRSA’s executive vice president of Global Products.

“Fitness training clients tend to be more committed to their workouts, have better retention rates and get better results, so the more successful that club operators can be at converting the occasion exercisers to PT and small group training clients, the healthier their members, and bottom lines—will be,” he adds.

Data analyzed and reported in The IHRSA Fitness Training Report was compiled in 2016 by Sports Marketing Surveys, Inc., a Jupiter, Florida based sports research business servicing the sports facility, equipment and sporting goods industry. The report concentrates on health club consumers (i.e. those who used a health club within the last 12 months).

Key Findings

1. In 2016, 8.4 million health club consumers engaged in personal training, representing 12.6% of total consumers. Members used a personal trainer for an average of 29 sessions in 2016, while non-members reported using a personal trainer for 21 sessions during the same year.

2. In 2016, 17.7 million health club consumers utilized small group training (SGT), representing 26.6% of total consumers.  Members engaged in SGT for an average of 26 sessions in 2016, while non-members utilized SGT an average of 27 times.

3. Nearly 9 out of 10 personal training users were health club members (87%).  Roughly 13% were non-member consumers who utilized a health club.

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pic5ACSM Announces New Recommendations and Warnings Regarding Safety of Energy Drinks

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has released a new official statement regarding energy drinks, published today in the college’s clinical review journal, Current Sports Medicine Reports. “Energy Drinks: A Contemporary Issues Paper” provides helpful guidance and warnings regarding these beverages because of the dangers they present to at-risk populations, primarily children who are the most vulnerable and the target of marketing efforts.

“Energy drinks are extremely popular and concerns about their consumption are coming from every sector of society, which is why we’ve published these recommendations.”  said John Higgins, MD, FACSM. “Our review of the available science showed that excessive levels of caffeine found in energy drinks can have adverse effects on cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, renal and endocrine systems, as well as psychiatric symptoms. More needs to be done to protect children and adolescents, as well as adults with cardiovascular or other medical conditions.”

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pic5Virtuagym Moves to New Offices

Not too long ago Virtuagym comprised a team of only 20 people, with the ambition to become a global leader in fitness technology. Two-and-a-half years later, the company serves over 4,000 businesses in 80 countries worldwide, including top brands such as Basic-Fit (EU), Xercise4Less (UK) and Xsport (US). Following its ongoing expansion, the Amsterdam office has been relocated to the high-rise Mondriaan Tower, while the Medellin team left the tech incubator Ruta-N to set up shop in the Co-Work Poblado building. Apart from amazing views, both locations offer ample space for continued growth.

It's a long way from the attic office where two Dutch brothers started their work on a mobile fitness app. "We couldn't have dreamed then that Virtuagym would grow to such a success," says Hugo Braam, co-founder and CEO of Virtuagym. "The past years have been a real rollercoaster and we’re excited to continuing this ride."

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pic1 David vs Goliath – Surviving 16 Years From Scatch – P22: The Most Important Savings

by Gino Arcaro

Owing an independent startup gym is my 7th profession. Every profession I’ve worked in has included life and death challenges. Every profession I’ve worked in changes you, both for better and worse. Owning an independent startup gym for 16 years is just as challenging and it will change you for better or worse, depending on how you react to adversities and challenges. Here’s the most important advice I can share with anyone in the fitness industry:

1. The most important proactive strategy for survival is savings – multiple meaning.

2. First meaning – save money. Don’t spend more than you earn. Save enough to solve worst-case scenarios that must be forecast to survive.

3. Second meaning – save customers. Dual meaning. First it means save them from leaving. Saving them from leaving is the toughest job I have as a gym owner. Second meaning is the solution to the first meaning – save them by strengthening them in mind, body, and soul. The number one strategy to save customers from leaving is to save their health. Never lose sight of that objective.

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pic1 Set New Employees up for Success and Longevity

by Alanna Turco

I remember not so fondly one of my first jobs. I showed up excited and nervous on my first day. The receptionist had no idea who I was nor was anyone aware that a new employee had been hired. My new supervisor had forgotten that I was starting that day and showed up an hour later with a fully booked schedule.  I was shown to an office, given an employee handbook and told to spend the next hours reading the handbook and going through the desk to get “acquainted” with my job. I was not given a tour or introduced to other employees. No one asked me to eat lunch with them and I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to bring a lunch or not. Needless to say, it was not a stellar start and I lasted 2 days at that job.  As it turns out, studies show that 4% of employees don’t show up after their first day and 22% of new employees quit after 45 days.

Getting new employees off to a good start is one of the most important things a manager can do next to hiring great people.  You only have one chance to make a great impression.  Here is a checklist to successfully launch your new employees.

Before they start:
- Provide them with a welcome package consisting of a detailed training schedule, employee handbook and any company material.

- Take care of all the practical details such as ordering business cards, a name tag, creating an email address, log-ins Have a package of all the new hire paperwork ready to go.

- Make sure that everyone on the staff knows that a new team member is Post a bulletin or send an email introducing the new hire. Provide their bio.

- Let the employee know what to bring for their first day, what to wear and where to park if applicable.

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whatsnewairPHX Sports eliminates bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms throughout a facility in the air and on surfaces, including: equipment, turf, rubber, foam and tile. Once mounted and programmed, the unit runs continuously using very little electricity. A “cold plasma” reactor kills bad surface and airborne organisms organically and continuously eliminates these bad organisms, even on hard to clean surfaces. One unit will treat up to 40,000—80,000 cubic feet, achieving better than hospital-grade levels of cleanliness. For more information, contact Canadian dealer Kinetic Solutions at (888) 280-0019 or email info@kineticsolution.com.


2018 CPTN Personal Trainer Summit
June 1, 2018
Japanese Canadian Culture Centre
Toronto, ON.

Who can attend: Personal Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Reg. Kins, and anyone with an interest in fitness and education.

See details at: cptn.com

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