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Use of Music In Your Fitness Facility

What is music licensing and who are the Canadian collectives?
Music is an important part of your fitness facility. A music licence gives you the ability to play music in your club. Canadian fitness facilities are required to pay royalties for the use of music in their clubs to two separate collectives: Re:Sound and SOCAN. Re:Sound represents the rights of artists and record companies (the people who created the sound recordings) while SOCAN (society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) does the same for composers and music publishers (the people who create the original compositions that are embedded in those sound recordings. To ensure your music licensing fees are up-to-date with both collectives, reference the information provided below.

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New IHRSA Report Provides Insights into Health Club Consumers

Last week, IHRSA published The 2017 Health Club Consumer Report. This annual publication, based on a nationwide sample of more than 24,000 interviews, provides demographics and health, sports, and fitness participation data on America’s health club consumers.

“Membership in U.S. health clubs reached an all-time high of 57.3 million in 2016, an increase of 3.6% from 2015,” said Jay Ablondi, IHRSA’s executive vice president of global products. “Another 9.3 million non-members exercised at clubs. In all, 22% of Americans use a health club to pursue fitness and wellness goals.”

The report confirms that health clubs are playing an increasing role in helping consumers get active, lead healthier lives, and pursue fitness and sport goals. “Although inactivity rates are disappointing among older generations, The IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report shows that nearly one out of four health club members are 55 and older and membership among Boomers and the Silent Generation (typically born between 1925-42) has increased by 5% since 2012," said Melissa Rodriguez, IHRSA’s senior research manager. “The report provides insights and applications on how clubs can engage older generations as well as other segments. For example, club operators who aim to target older generations should not only offer relevant exercise programs, but also provide stellar in-person customer service and foster ongoing interactions with club staff.”

Opportunities also prevail to attract the youth market, which in 2016, had higher participation rates in studios than in previous years. Managers of full-service clubs like multipurpose and fitness-only facilities may be uniquely positioned to provide offerings that complement youth activity and athletic goals.

Although one out of five Americans utilizes a health club, opportunities remain for club operators to help increase activity among sedentary Americans. According to Physical Activity Council research, more than one out of four Americans (27%) do not engage in any sport or physical activity.

The report guides club operators in how to target underrepresented groups as well as leverage demographic trends in efforts to stand out from the competition.

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pic5Canadians from coast to coast jump in to interactive YMCA LocalMOTION Challenge

Ever heard of a Railway YMCA? Thanks to the YMCA LocalMOTION Challenge, thousands of Canadians can answer “yes” to that question—and a few of them are enjoying some amazing prizes, too. The YMCA LocalMOTION Challenge was a Canada 150 signature project designed to encourage Canadians to embrace healthy, active lifestyles. In the process of completing weekly online challenges as well as live events, participants also learned about a little-known group of Ys known as Railway YMCAs, which supported the builders of our national railway and the communities that grew around them. Using the hashtag #ymcalocalmotion on Twitter and Instagram, Canadians shared snapshots from their lives, building an online community in the process.

“We learned about everything from Canadians’ favourite swimming holes and summer camp memories, to our Indigenous roots, and the people, places and events that make our communities proud,” says Peter Dinsdale, President and CEO of YMCA Canada. “We’ve even seen people share some great dance moves! It’s been a whole lot of fun.” Free, LocalMOTION Live events held across Canada as part of YMCA Healthy Kids Day featured obstacle courses that simulated a cross-Canada journey to discover the unique landscapes of our country.

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pic5Octane Fitness® and Schwinn® Win Eight Fitness Professor Review Best Buy Awards

Nautilus, Inc. (NYSE: NLS), announced that Octane Fitness and Schwinn have been recognized with eight Best Buy awards from Fitness Professor Review for the 2017-2018 season. Over the past decade, the organization has presented Octane with 56 awards, increasing Octane’s total number of Best Buy designations from various publications since 2003 to 128.

“Hop on any Octane machine and you will appreciate why the company has earned more FIT PROF Best Buys than any other single brand,” reviewers summarized. “Our history of awards is a testament to our passion to make the most innovative premium products that powerfully fuel fitness and results,” noted Ryan Simat, general manager and vice president, commercial and specialty, at Octane Fitness.

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pic1 David vs Goliath – Surviving 16 Years From Scratch – Part 17: The Key To Branding

by Gino Arcaro

Here is a case study that has never been discussed, explained, or taught in any business book, business seminar, or MBA program anywhere on Earth. This is a true story. I’m not making it up:

Last week, a person left a voice-mail message at my gym X Fitness. The person complained about our gym and wanted a full refund for her membership. Our manager checked our gym database and discovered she was not a gym member. Our manager called her back and explained that she was not a member at X Fitness. The person said she joined a gym on “West St.” but didn’t know the name of the gym so she Googled “Welland Gyms.” X Fitness was the first hit. Our address is 44 Division St. Regardless, she called us and asked for a refund even though she never set foot in our gym.

Here are the conclusions reached from this case study:
1. We were victims of wrongful accusations.
2. Who knows how much negativity she wrongfully spread about my gym.

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pic1 Foods to Help Boost the Immune System

by Frances Michaelson

With fall in the air and the weather starting to change , many people worry that they will catch a cold or come down with the flu.

Although there are several powerful foods that can help boost your immune system, the true fact remains that a clean and vital body does not get sick. The more you stay away from mucoid forming foods – such as pasteurized dairy, refined sugars, and processed foods – the stronger your immune system will be. The strength of your immune system is directly related to the integrity of your lymphatic system. When the lymphatic system is sluggish due to a build-up of too much waste and toxins coming from an improper diet, this is when the immune system gets compromised. Toxins spread throughout the body generating unhealthy mucus in the sinus cavities.

Many people think they are eating nutritious foods, but they get into the bad habit of eating the same foods every day. To get all the nutrients our bodies need, we must have a variety. If we eat the same foods day after day, we are bound to have deficits of vitamins and minerals. A lack of nutrients, combined with daily stress makes the body more susceptible to colds and flus. It is not what you do when you feel a cold coming on, but more importantly how you eat on a daily basis beforehand.

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Part-Time Membership Sales Representative

eMbody Fitness is a small, member-centric boutique club located in Forest Hill. We are seeking a part-time Membership Sales and Service professional to join our team. This individual will be at ease and enjoy prospecting for new members and creating strategic alliances in the neighborhood and community. In addition to enrolling new members, you will be actively involved in ensuring their integration and providing exceptional service to exceed their expectations.

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whatsnewOlicrom's Training Platform foundation consists of two options: CableQuad and TwinStrength. CableQuad cable motion machines enable user defined trajectories. TwinStrength machines are equipped with input arms which dictate machine defined trajectories. Users perform exercises in a standing position which promotes enhanced versatility, effectiveness and safety. Various modules, bridges and bars enable unlimited layout and configuration options which facilitate space efficiency and help create effective training programs. For more information, contact Idealfit at (905) 266-0106, info@idealfit.ca , or visit www.idealfit.ca.


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