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iGO Figure Battles Hurricane Harvey

We are finally moving into "normal" mode after a crazy week. While the City of Houston has a long way to go, operations here at iGo Figure are getting back to normal for the most part thanks to infrastructure and protocols implemented long ago to handle events like this and ensure uninterrupted service for our clients. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. Despite anywhere from 2 to 4+ FEET of rain, all GF team members managed to avoid flood damage. Virtually all iGo Team members have helped neighbors recover, volunteered at local shelters or taken in friends who were less fortunate.

For those of you that have not experienced a Texas style disaster, it can be difficult to understand the range of emotions one goes through during these true times of duress. Hurricanes here are a part of life. They are scary.

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The IHRSA Global 25 Rankings

by Patricia Amend

It’s inevitable. If one thing is certain in life and in the business world—it’s change.

Fortunately, when it comes to the fitness industry, change often equals growth. Consider that, according to The IHRSA Global Report: The State of the Health Club Industry, in 2015, global industry revenue totaled $81 billion, as 151 million members visited 187,000 clubs.

Just a year later, in 2016, those numbers had jumped to $83.1 billion in revenue, 201,000 clubs, and 162.1 million members.

And, while last year we used the word “stability” to describe the Global 25 list of the most successful and respected companies in the industry, this year, while there’s a great deal of consistency, we’re also seeing some new names appear in the top rankings in several categories.

In terms of “Number of Facilities Owned,” the same four companies topped the list, as they had a year earlier. However, Bio Ritmo moved up several places, from 8th to 5th; McFit retained its 7th place position; and ClubCorp rose from 10th place to 8th. For 2016, the top seven are:

1. LA Fitness International, LLC, up 39 units, to 689
2. 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc., down 17 units, to 424
3. Basic-Fit/HealthCity, up 30 units, to 419
4. GoodLife Fitness and Énergie Cardio, up 5 units, to 365
5. Bio Ritmo/Smart Fit, with 305 units
6. Virgin Active, with 246 units
7. McFit, with 241 units

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pic5Trent Athletics Selects Legend Recreation Software

After a comprehensive procurement process, the Trent University Athletics & Recreation Department (Trent Athletics) has awarded Legend Recreation Software with the contract to provide its new registration, sport and recreation management software.

Legend was selected for its capabilities in streamlining registration for sport and recreation services, while significantly enhancing the customer experience for Trent students, community members and program participants. Other benefits include facility booking functionality, online self- service and membership sales, personal training booking, equipment rental, POS, business reporting, streamlined access management, and the ability to integrate with the Trent University student and staff/faculty card as well as the Finance Department.

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pic5KEISER Receives ‘Steve Block Vendor of the Year’ Award at canfitpro 2017 World Fitness Expo

Keiser was honored with the prestigious Steve Block Vendor of the Year Award on Aug. 18 in Toronto at the 2017 canfitpro world fitness expo, Canada’s largest annual event serving fitness professionals.

Established in memory of the late Steve Block, president and one of the founders of SPRI® Products, the Steve Block Vendor of the Year Award is given out annually by canfitpro during the Opening Ceremonies of the five-day expo, which attracts more than 200 presenters and 16,000 fitness professionals, business owners and fitness consumers. A lifelong advocate of the fitness industry, Steve Block supported every fitness conference in North America as an exhibitor or education partner and was admired by his peers and fitness professionals alike.

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pic5ASF Payment Solutions Launches Robust Gym Membership Software 1.0

Helping gym owners save time and increase revenue, ASF Payment Solutions launched My Club Business 1.0. This robust gym management software offers a streamlined scheduler and a user-friendly interface.

Taking flight today, My Club Business 1.0 will feature advanced navigation and a bold modern design. Simple and easy navigation allows clients to move quickly between applications and create a more intuitive user experience. Moreover, My Club Business 1.0 offers greater efficiency in utilizing enormous amounts of data with greater sorting and filtering capabilities.

“This new platform is the first of many future scheduled releases and updates of our gym management software. We are extremely excited about this new direction and the value we will bring to our clients with streamlined interface and functionality,” says Sean Kirby, VP Client Relations.

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pic5Implus Expands Operations Into Canada

Implus, a provider of footcare, athletic, fitness, and outdoor accessories, recently announced the opening of Implus Canada, the company’s first sales and distribution center in North America outside of their U.S.-based corporate headquarters in Durham, North Carolina. The day-to-day operations at the 53,000-square-foot Implus Canada facility will be led by General Manager Rob Gumieniak, with Brian Anderson appointed as Canadian National Sales Manager. Implus Canada operations are underway, effective today, and will house the entire Implus accessories roster and focus on growing those brands within Canada.

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pic1 Purchasing Equipment – Part 2

by Yosi Knecht

In my previous article ( Purchasing Part 1 ) I gave you a few tips on purchasing equipment for your facility. This month I am offering a couple more.

Make sure “good enough” is actually good enough
Your goal should be to spend as little as you “have to”, but the key is to accurately determine what “have to” means. On the customer side, there is always a tendency to want to believe that they can get away with spending less. This is natural; nobody wants to spend more money than is necessary. At the same time, you can’t let your desire to spend less affect your objectivity. As per my previous article, your equipment has to fulfill your brand promise, and it has to be well-suited to your members wants and needs. What is the experience that you want your customers to have? More importantly, what is the experience your customers expect to have?

I have often heard customers say “my customers won’t know the difference”; this may be true, but is that the point? Perhaps they don’t notice it consciously, but much of their experience isn’t happening on a conscious level. Yes, they may not be able to articulate the differences between different qualities of equipment, but they can often see/feel the difference.

I wish there was a more tangible piece of advice I could give here, a checklist or methodology that I could share with you. There isn’t, it is more art than science. The only advice I can give you here is to be aware of your own personal bias towards wanting to spend less.

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pic1 David vs Goliath – Surviving 16 Years From Scratch – Part 16: How to Make a Fortune

by Gino Arcaro

Many gyms, entrepreneurs, and trainer have been successful but no one in the history of the fitness industry has ever reached full fitness business potential because no one have ever solved the number one problem that prevents the actualization of full fitness business potential – the 10-90 Rule. Whoever solves the 10-90 Rule will make a fortune. Solving the 10-90 Rule is one of my many life’s missions.

The 10-90 Rule is Fitness Darwinism – about 90% of the world will quit working out or never start. Only about 10% will work out consistently. One a fraction of the 10% will work out for life. About 1.4 % of the 10%ers will become lifelong lifters. That means:

(i) 90% will never buy a gym membership.
(ii) 90% will not renew their gym membership.
(iii) You will not retain 90% of your customers
(iv) You will fight for the 10% who are committed to lifting.
(v) You will fight for the 1.4 who will lift for life.

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whatsnewTEAMBEATS creates a motivational experience and team spirit managing every aspect of heart rate-focused classes and circuits: heart rate performance, time and music. Participants can join the class with their favourite heart rate monitoring device. With one click they can join the class and be guided by the trainer, great music and by information projected on a large screen that displays real time work and rest periods, colour coded BPM feedback. At the end of the workout participants can immediately check their performance on their mywellness account. For more information, visit www.technogym.com.


The 28th annual Island Fitness Conference will take place Saturday October 28 at Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence; Sunday October 29 at the Victoria Conference Center. This event, sponsored by Fitness Town Commercial, PISE, STAK/Matrix Fitness, 360 Athletics; Wedderspoon, takes place in Victoria, BC and is organized by the Island Fitness Association.

For more information, or to register, please contact island_fitness@yahoo.ca or www.islandfitnessassociation.com

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